John Morrison

John Morrison – A blame culture will destroy your team

A blame culture can lead to fighitng among team mates

A blame culture can lead to fighitng among team mates

In his column in the current issue of Gaelic Life, John Morrison addresses the issue of dealing with poisenous behaviours that can ruin teams.

He says they can come from both players and managers. He says that one of the worst is an environment of blame.


“A ‘blame culture’ can destroy a whole team, or cause lasting damage on an entire sport.

“What coaches want in their players is not talent, they are ultimately more interested in their players’ attitude and their coach-ability.

“They want players who face up to their responsibilities and do not blame others.

“They want players who listen, who are open to new ideas, and players who will even suggest a few idea themselves.

“They want players who can take constructive feed back, who respect the coach and team mates.

“They want team players who are always looking for ways to improve and who choose to deal with their conflicts and challenges constructively.”

John goes on to highlight the worst coach behaviours that can ruin a team, and he also highlights the same behaviours evidenced in players.

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