Finnian Moriarty

Finnian Moriarty – pining for old ways is ridiculous

The old way of playing just isn't applicable today according to Finnian Moriarty

The old way of playing just isn’t applicable today according to Finnian Moriarty

Finnian Moriarty calls out the experts who lament the loss of the old ways of playing in his column in this week’s paper.

He says that any suggestion to play without thinking is ridiculous.


“Do the ‘experts’ never stop to think how ridiculous that pining for the glory days sounds?

“This philosophy to turn off your brain and just engage your boot, to stay in your 20 by 20 swathe of grasss and duke it out with your man, it just doesn’t ring true any more.

“To neglect your physical conditioning to the point at which you will no longer b able to compete with opposition players who are just too strong and athletic for you would be folly.

“Dublin are lauded for how they play the game and the nature in which they play, and yet for times on unday versus Kerry thehy had 12 men inside their own half.”

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