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Pauric Grimes

PGthePT: Leave your ego at the door


It’s important to practice the basics like running and jumping

IN this week’s edition of Gaelic Life, Pauric Grimes lays out what he considers the four immovable pillars when it comes to fitness and performance.

One of those pillars is prioritising movement over load – and he advises newcomers to let go off off their ego when learning how to perform fundamental skills like jumping and running.


“Leave your ego at the door and learn how to move properly. How to squat safely, how to hinge properly. How to jump and land. How to accelerate and decelerate.

“If you’re skipping weights just to be seen lifting big weights then it’s only a matter off time before the next stop will be the physio room and not the pitch.”

The full column is available in store today or online here.

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