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PG the PT – This will keep you injury free

Stay injury free this season

Stay injury free this season

Pauric Grimes points out in his column this week that a player’s footballing season hangs on whether or not they can stay fit.

He suggests that one of the best things you can do to remain injury free during the pre-season is to put some yoga in your training schedule.


“With the competitive season on our doort step, and challenge games coming at us thick and fast I can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you stay injury free. You can’t play well if you’re injured.

“As the time spent in the gym decreases as we move towards the playing seasn, use that newly-acquired time wisely and get yourself to a yoga or pilates class. One hour per week will help, but as with everything else the more you apply it the better the results, so take what you’re learning from those classes and spend some time every day working on whatever area you feel you’re falling short in.

“If you’ve time to watch the new series of house of cards, then you’ve time to do some stretching and a bit of foam rolling.”

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