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PG the PT – There’s more important things than weights

POINT OF VIEW...Sean Cavanagh has released a statement on behalf of the Tyrone squad

POINT OF VIEW…Sean Cavanagh has released a statement on behalf of the Tyrone squad

Pauric Grimes believes that there remain some misconceptions about weights.

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, he explains that players think that just lifting as much as they can is the end goal for a weights programme.


“I’m not sure what players who work with me expect frmo our first session together, but they’re often surpriseed when we scale things back to basics. I ned to see how well you move beforew e throw 100kg on your back.

“You’re no good to anyone if you’re as strong as an Olympian but every time you take off to sprint you feel like you’re going to snap a ham string.

Gaelic games are multi directional sports,w ith that in mind, doye syour  training involve any trunk rotation work?

“It’s a agme of onstatn stop and start, so do you coach acceleration and deceleration?”

Pauric goes on to point out the basics that you should consider when you are training.

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