Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy: Clubs need their day in the sun

BRIGHT IDEA...Kevin Cassidy wants to see the sun shining on club fixtures

BRIGHT IDEA…Kevin Cassidy wants to see the sun shining on club fixtures

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy has suggested that August and September football should belong to the clubs, not the counties.

Writing in today’s newspaper, Cassidy out-lines a new Championship structure that, he believes, would help take the club games away from the muck and the gutters.


“Why should club players be told that their championships won’t be played during the summer months?

“At the minute most club players will play their most important competition during October and November in muddy pitches with the rain battering off their faces.”

The full column can be read in today’s Gaelic Life, available in shops now or online here.

Kevin Cassidy has said that Donegal’s refusal to attack meant that they never had a chance of beating Dublin...

Kevin Cassidy believes that Donegal can still come through their ‘Super 8’ group despite the loss of Paddy McBrearty.

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy fully expects Donegal to end Fermanagh’s quest for a first Ulster title on Sunday.