John Morrison

John Morrison – how to respond to losing

Brian Cody

Brian Cody has had to deal with the loss of the All-Ireland title

In the current issue of Gaelic Life, John Morrison explains how players and managers must deal with defeats if they are to be a success in the future.

Morrison explains that it is not positive to blame someone else, and explains how you can learn from defeats.


“Take time to feel the pain of loss, long enough to learn the lessons that it has taught you and then own it completely. Why?  Because until you do you’ve really learnt very little and you’ll dwell in the past while your future passes you by.

“Owning a failure is a deliberate and calculated response that allows you to get over your failure. Remember as long as you blame someione or something else you will never get over it and you will never learn from it. NEVER.

“Understanding that failure is a path tolearning, Don’t wallow in failure, instead celebrat learning.”

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