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John Morrison – Learn to defend

John Morrison says that you shouldn't lunge in when tackling

John Morrison says that you shouldn’t lunge in when tackling

In  his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison highlights seven ways to improve your general play.

One point that he makes is that every player, no matter what their position, must learn how to defend.


“Every player in every position needs to be able to win the ball back, ie, individual defending.

“Winning the ball back is a key skill of most sports.

“As a best individual defence: Stay low in an athletic stance or like a Roman soldier (shield and one leg forward, sideways on). With free-hand direct opponent where you want them to go while trying to have them use their weak foot. Don’t lunge at the ball/opponents. Watch their hips.

“The hips almost always telegraph which way the opponent is going.”

Read the other six points – which include pace of play, playing with weaker foot – in the current issue of Gaelic Life.

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