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Steven Poacher – Keep subs motivated

Substitutes play an important part in the modern game

Substitutes play an important part in the modern game

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, Steven Poacher explains that Substitutes are crucially important in the modern game.

A team’s success depends upon how players can impact the game by coming off the bench.


The challenge for a manager is to make sure that those subs are focused throughout the game.

Poacher has three tips for managers.

The first is that communication is vital.

“Every player must be treated equally, whether it is number 2 or number 22.

“Talk to players one on one before and after games and training. Inform of their role, give them something to focus on in training.

“Make your instructions clear, accurate and do not waffle. Be sure to include everyone.

“Don’t forget, communication works both ways so it’s important to allow players the opportunity to talk to you.

“Pull down the barriers, it’s not you against them. You are the team.”

Poacher goes on to give tips on how to make players feel valued, and also how to keep them focused during the game.

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