Kevin Cassidy

Kevin Cassidy: Have a pint, it’s only February

TAKE YOUR TIME...Kevin Cassidy believes that players should ease into things

TAKE YOUR TIME…Kevin Cassidy believes that players should ease into things

GAELIC Life columnist Kevin Cassidy has said that players must avoid burning themselves out too early in terms of off-field dedication.

In today’s newspaper, the Donegal man outlines the approach he took as a player, one he feels allowed him to perform better at the height of the summer.


“Religiously, up until my last season, playing Easter Monday would be my last beer before going off it to get ready for Championship. That approach worked for me and that’s why I stuck to it, but it might not have worked for others,” he said.

“My approach kept my mind fresh and although the six or seven pints slowed down my fitness progression during those months it helped me get ready and to have the mental stamina and freshness to endure what lay ahead.”

The full column is in today’s Gaelic Life, in shops now or available online here.

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