John Morrison

John Morrison – Eight lessons of great management

Mickey Harte

Mickey Harte

In his article in the current issue of Gaelic Life, John Morrison says that the great managers use a formula for success which has eight elements.

In his column he describes them as eight lessons.


One of these lessons says; Set high standards and hold on to them.

“By instilling strong values into players, a great manager inspires players to strive to do better and to be winners. This way they’ll readily attend to strengthening their best skills, tactics, game sense, and conditioning.

“Great managers never give in or quit. Ferguson didn’t want to quit. Mickey Harte asked for extra years. Gavin shows no sign of quitting, nor does Schmidt or Cody.

“Their attitude becomes their players’ attitude, so much so that players will not accept team mates not giving their all.”

Read the other seven lessons of a great manager in the current issue of Gaelic Life. Buy the online edition here.

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