John Morrison

John Morrison – Children don’t respond to winning

Kids believe that having fun and learning are more important than winning

Kids believe that having fun and learning are more important than winning

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison points out that in a survey it was found that Children rate participaing and learning above winning.

He goes on to break down the Survey, and study the different responses from those children who take part.


It all makes for very interesting reading, and provide some very useful information for those coaches who perhaps have been taking the wrong approach to coaching players.

For example, Morrison says:

“Coaches who are realistic and honest about what a player can achieve are those that teens can look up to. A 13 year old said: ‘A good coach is able to tell you straight truth or facts without making ou feel bad’.

“Another 14-year-old said: ‘When I didn’t make the team, my coach told me why and what I could do to improve. The coach said it in such a great way that I learnt there’s a bad way to give a player bad news, and there’s a good way’.

“A 14 year-old boy said: ‘A coach shouldn’t be too easy with the ‘it’s just a game, go have fun’ stuff. A coach should train the team hard and smart, but encourage instead of yelling’.”


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