John Martin

John Martin: Another fixture to complain about

COLD RESPONSE....There has been a lot of negativity surrounding a proposed new u-25 competition

COLD RESPONSE….There has been a lot of negativity surrounding a proposed new u-25 competition

GAELIC Life hurling columnist John Martin has slowly but surely come around to seeing the benefit of the proposed Munster U-25 Championship.

The province has floated the idea as a result of their belief that the intermediate competition has run its course.


Originally sceptical about the idea of adding another competition to a packed schedule, the Antrim man has found the silver lining.

“If managers could be persuaded to field players mainly in the 21-25 age bracket, and stay clear of ridiculous demands in relation to the ‘run in’ time to games, it could actually be quite a constructive addition to the hurling calendar,” he said.

“There are few enough opportunities for supporters to see quality hurling games during the summer months and there will be players who have just missed out on senior county hurling who will now have the opportunity to play at a high level for their county on a big stage. That can’t be all bad, can it?”

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