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Pauric Grimes

PGthePT: A little change will do you good


Simply adding a little bit more exercise to your week can have great long-term effects to your health.

AS 2016 draws to a close, our coaching columnist Pauric Grimes has warned against going overboard in your efforts to shed those Christmas pounds.

Instead, a little change will do you good as Grimes recommends a few simple tips to bounce back to fitness, including an acceptance that slip ups will occur.

He said: “It’s very possible the same day you start the gym you’ll decide that you’re going to eat better now too, and in doing so you’re going to cut out all the ‘bad’ stuff and take more of the ‘good’ stuff.

“I wouldn’t rush into that either. Creating an unsustainable eating pattern is not going to be what helps you get into the shape you desire.”

The full interview is available in store today or online here.