John Morrison

Steven Poacher – Coaches can never rest

Antrim's Gearoid Adams and Frankie Fitzsimons have given talks at the St Columban's coaching clinic

Antrim’s Gearoid Adams and Frankie Fitzsimons have given talks at the St Columban’s coaching clinic

Steven Poacher has encouraged coaches to continue learning, particularly outside their own sports.

He said that learning from other codes is just as important as learning about the GAA.


“If an outside coach comes to our school to give a block of PE lessons, whether that be rugby, gymnastics, basketball, dance or anything, I will always look to take ideas from their sessions. You never stop learning.

“In the classroom, if a younger teacher or an older teacher says to me, “listen, I have a great idea”, I say: ‘show me, tell me, I want to use that, I love learning, and I love to see good practice.”

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