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Pauric Grimes

PG the PT – What we can learn from Mark Bradley


Mark Bradley

The Killyclogher star forward has been wowing audiences in Tyrone and now in Ulster.

Pauric Grimes, in his column this week deals with the matter of good practices when training, and he uses Bradley’s approach to free-taking as best practice.


“For any aspiring free takers out there the more time they can spend being comfortable in their kicking routine the better.

“I had the pleasure of watching Mark Bradley of Killyclogher kick countless points in the Tyrone senior Championship this year.

“Before he puts the ball over the bar it’s the same routine every time. Place the ball at his feet. Flick it up into his hands off the inside of one foot and up via the other. Solo. A few steps back. A solo. Look at the posts. Stride forward then kick.

“Most of the time it ended with the scoreboard ticking over and Killyclogher surging towards another victory.”

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