John Morrison

John Morrison – Why Crossmaglen will bounce back

Joe Kernan

Joe Kernan

In his column this week, John Morrison explains how a club can build a winning culture.

Using the example of Crossmaglen, he says that a winning culture starts at the top, from the manager or chairman. And that’s what happened with Crossmaglen.


“Joe Kernan started the Crossmaglen winning team culture in 1995, and now as club chairman he is over-seeing the winning culture get even stronger. Everything starts at the top, either the chairman or manager or both.

“Both must have a vision and a plan. Joe – in  both positions – fulfilled those needs.

“The chairman/manager must know what it takes to win, be willing to listen and not turn back when things get tough. As Joe stated in his earlier article, ‘Cross will bounce back stronger than ever’.”

This is just one of ten facets of building a winning culture. See the other nine in the current issue of Gaelic Life.

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