Brian McGuigan

Brian McGuigan: Honesty is the best policy

GAGGING ORDER...Mickey Harte didn't let Sean Cavanagh speak to the media for a time

GAGGING ORDER…Mickey Harte didn’t let Sean Cavanagh speak to the media for a time

BRIAN McGuigan has said that it’s time for GAA players to break free from the bland and start expressing their thoughts more honestly.

The Gaelic Life columnist admitted that he too fell into the trap of caution in his playing days, but he feels that a change in the outlook of players would be healthy for the game.


“In Sean Cavanagh’s early years, Mickey put a media ban on him after he drew some attention to us with some of his remarks. Now Sean is like a clone of Mickey in that he always says exactly what Mickey would be likely to say,” said McGuigan.

“Some people do break away from the norm and they stand out a mile. Colm Parkinson and Aidan O’Shea are two that spring to mind.”

The full column is in today’s edition, available in shops or online here.

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