Steven Poacher

Steven Poacher – What the GAA learned from Golf

Jim Gavin gives orders

Jim Gavin gives orders

The inspiration for Steven Poacher’s  article is Dublin’s Jim Gavin.

The Dublin manager delivered this year’s All-Ireland thanks to a scientific approach to coaching and training.


Poacher believes that his technique of simplifying the preparation of his team helped focus their minds.

“Jim, on multiple occasions this season, referred to concentrating on the ‘process’ and not the score, a phenomenon that sweeps golf. Listen to any pro golfer talk about his round and he will say; “All I did was focus on the process”.

“The sports psychologists who are working with Dublin and these golfers will have been drilling process, process, process into them, and by that they mean being in the present, focusing on the next shot at hand, following routine.

“It’s similar, in a way, to football. Follow the game plan, don’t deviate from the game plan, the process.”

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