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PG the PT – The best coaching advice I’ve heard

The best coaches follow three simple rules

The best coaches follow three simple rules

In his Gaelic Life column this week, Pauric Grimes reveals the best advice he has ever heard as a coach.

The simple nugget was ‘Assess, address, progress’ and is the template for successful coaching.

Here he explains why:


“ It might seem straight forward, but as a coach it’s imperative that you do those three things on a daily basis with your athletes.

“Is what you’re doing with them helping them become a better athlete for their sport or bringing them closer to their goals?

“Are the exercises I’m getting them to do the best option for the needs of the game? Could they handle more weight?

“Do they need less volume? More rest? Greater intensity?”


Read the full column in the current issue of Gaelic Life, or buy the online edition by clicking here

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