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PG the PT – It’s never too late to lose weight

Young or old, it doesn't matter. You can lose weight as long as you are willing to work

Young or old, it doesn’t matter. You can lose weight as long as you are willing to work

In his article in this week’s Gaelic Life Pauric Grimes addresses the lifestyle of a typical student. Their diet is not good, they eat too much and they drink too much during a time when their bodies are at their peak.

Grimes suggests that the decisions that young adults make now, can affect them much further down the line.


However, while they appear to be doing damage, he says even the most unfit person can turn their life around.

“If you’re feeling overweight, if you’re feeling unfit, if you’re injured, unmotivated, or in the worst shape of your life, where you are now doesn’t dictate where you can go. It doesn’t dictate your end goal.

“So much in health and fitness comes down to one thing, are you willing to do the work? If the answer is yes then you aren’t to slow, you aren’t too weak, and you aren’t too unfit, you just aren’t quite where you want to be.”


Read the full column in the current issue of Gaelic Life, or read it on the online edition which you can buy here.



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