John Morrison

John Morrison – Are you a team player?

Players listen to their coach

Players listen to their coach

In his column in this week’s Gaelic Life, John Morrison considers what it is to be a team player.

With reference to the successful Dublin and Donegal teams of late, he highlights that winning teams need talent, but in team sports talent can only flourish if everyone works together.


In order to achieve team work, teams need team players. So Morrison highlights the ten attribute of a team player.

One of them is to be a good listener:

“Good listeners are essential for teams (this can be applied to management also) as they can absorb, understand, consider different points of view from others without arguing every point. They receive criticism without acting defensively, and they listen first and speak second so that a meaningful discussion can be achieved.”

To find out what the other ten attributes are read the current Gaelic Life which you can buy in shops now, or in the online edition which can be bought here.

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