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PG the PT – Turn weaknesses into strengths

Work on your weaknesses to get ahead of your opponents

Work on your weaknesses to get ahead of your opponents

In his column this week, Pauric Grimes gives some advice to younger players who want to improve their skills.

He says that players must think about their weaknesses, understand them, and then work out how to turn them into their strengths.


He says: “Now is your chance to consciously make a decision to do something about a weakness in your game.

“I’ll leave sharpening up the technical side of things to you, but if your weakness is physical then let me help.”

He has advice for those who have issues with their diet, with building muscle, and also for those who are carrying weight.

There’s also some important advice for those recovering from injuries.

“Do you have a warm up routine and a recovery protocol?

“Make sure you’re giving your muscles the best chance possible to ready themselves for exercise with a thorough warm up, and have a recovery protocol in place, i.e. foam rolling, nutritionally refuelling, sleep, etc, in place for after any training or matches!”

Read the full column in the current issue of Gaelic Life. If you would like to read it now, click here to buy the online edition.


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Pauric Grimes says players don't need to complicate their diet.

Pauric Grimes encourages all players to stretch more.