John Morrison

John Morrison – Mayo must have mental strength

Mayo must be wary of negative thoughts

Mayo must be wary of negative thoughts

Ahead of their All-Ireland final, John Morrison  has some advice for Mayo. He explains the importance of strong mental abilities for those who want to win trophies.

He also explains why, even when you are heartbroken, you must learn from your mistakes.


“I, with Jim McCorry, also lost a National League final in 1992. These defeats hurt but I learnt so much from them, especially the need for strong ‘mental’ abilities in winning trophies,” he said.

“In many articles I’ve written much about strong ‘mental’ abilities and how they work or as used by successful players/teams.

“A more significant learning experience for me in all my time coaching has been that mentally strong players or teams have things that they avoid or don’t do.”

Morrison says that there are 23 negative thoughts which may creep into the Mayo players’ minds, and they must be wary of them.

Read today’s Gaelic Life to find out what those 23 dangerous negative thoughts are, or you can read them now in the online edition of Gaelic Life. Click here to buy a copy.




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